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Hiro Forrestor by TuruukLobanarii Hiro Forrestor :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0 Forrestor title card by TuruukLobanarii Forrestor title card :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0 Urantogah by TuruukLobanarii Urantogah :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 4 Akuro Houkou by TuruukLobanarii Akuro Houkou :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0 Jiro No Kitsune by TuruukLobanarii Jiro No Kitsune :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 3 Hawk the Echidfox redesign by TuruukLobanarii Hawk the Echidfox redesign :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0
The Legend of Hawk: The Rune Oddyssey Ch. 1
Chapter 1
In the summits of Death Mountain dwelled the Echidna tribe. Like the Gorons they shared the mountain with, the Echidnas were a strong, hot-headed, and above all, prideful race. They used their impressive strength and digging skills to mine the precious materials that lay deep with the confines of the mountain, and even the Gorons admit they have a hard time competing with the little creatures.
A young brown-furred Echidna walked by a stone outcrop. Looking up, he caught sight of someone sitting up on the outcrop. With a malicious smirk, the Echidna picked up a rock and flung it at the figure, his smirk getting bigger when heard a satisfying thud and a grunt of pain. “Oy, Halfie! Grow some stones and stop hiding, ya wimp!”  He shouted to the unknown being up there, before running off, laughing his head off.
The figure in question was a blue-furred Echidna….or at least he looked like an Echidna. He had the long dreadlocks and pointed snout of an Echidna,
:iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0
Dragon Base by TuruukLobanarii Dragon Base :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0
The Legend of Hawk: The Rune Odyssey Prologue
In the beginning, the world was chaos, devoid of life, law, or purpose. Three gold goddesses descended from the heavens to create a new world out of the chaos. The first goddess, Din, the goddess of power, used her fiery arms to carve the earth into vast landscapes, high mountains, and deep ravines. The second goddess, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, created the world’s laws in order to guide the people in the goddesses’ absence. Finally, the third goddess, Farore, the goddess of courage, endowed her power into the land, and created life to follow this justice.
Their work done, the three goddesses returned to the heavens. As they returned, three golden triangles formed in the spot where they ascended. The triangles were named the Triforce, and the area where this artifact resided became known as the Sacred Realm. Anyone the goddesses deemed worthy in Courage, Wisdom, and Power would be allowed to enter the sacred realm and use the power of the Triforce to grant themselves one
:iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0
Sinder by TuruukLobanarii Sinder :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0 Moliarte the Naga by TuruukLobanarii Moliarte the Naga :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 1 2 Siree Blackwind by TuruukLobanarii Siree Blackwind :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0 Hawk the Echidfox by TuruukLobanarii Hawk the Echidfox :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 1 1 Coming soon: The Rune Oddessey! by TuruukLobanarii Coming soon: The Rune Oddessey! :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 1 2 Coka Varinni by TuruukLobanarii Coka Varinni :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0 Brondeuga by TuruukLobanarii Brondeuga :iconturuuklobanarii:TuruukLobanarii 0 0


WhiteBlade's Ultimate Attack by WhiteBlade-the-Zero WhiteBlade's Ultimate Attack :iconwhiteblade-the-zero:WhiteBlade-the-Zero 27 31 Bloodlust by Cerberean
Mature content
Bloodlust :iconcerberean:Cerberean 3 1
Corey by gen8 Corey :icongen8:gen8 715 65 Frith the Wombat by gen8 Frith the Wombat :icongen8:gen8 508 49 Terra the Eclypsion Elemental Dragon by BlackRosesDeath Terra the Eclypsion Elemental Dragon :iconblackrosesdeath:BlackRosesDeath 2 3 Thunder Wolf by SheltieWolf Thunder Wolf :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 762 214 Dragon by SheltieWolf Dragon :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 2,092 217
Voyages Ch 2: Maiden Voyage of the Hopeful Puffin
The next morning, Hiccup rose before dawn. Just as the first rays of gray light began to peek over the horizon, Hiccup was already aboard the Hopeful Puffin. He’d had a horrible nightmare that she’d sunk in the middle of the harbor and that when he’d arrived to check on her he simply found nothing but the entire shipyard laughing at him. Of course, Hiccup knew that his fears were irrational, because he’d had very little to do with the actual building of the ship.
The entire harbor was quiet. The early morning fishermen had already set out to haul in their catch for the day and no one else seemed to be stirring yet. Hiccup quietly walked over to the Puffin. She sat nearly entirely still, moored at the far end of the main dock in the harbor. The sound of gentle waves lapping against her hull made Hiccup smile. He gently placed the boarding plank against the side of his ship, tested it to make sure it was secure, and stepped aboard. Toothless followed suit, hoping
:iconinuyashawarrior:InuyashaWarrior 4 6
Warrior Wolf by SheltieWolf Warrior Wolf :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 1,406 350 White Wolf by SheltieWolf White Wolf :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 811 156 LoZContest - Link - 2nd Place by Ferisae LoZContest - Link - 2nd Place :iconferisae:Ferisae 487 124 Hero of Spirit by Sora-na Hero of Spirit :iconsora-na:Sora-na 354 101 HEY! by Queen-Of-Cute HEY! :iconqueen-of-cute:Queen-Of-Cute 627 90 Skylanders Comic pg 19 by oogaboogaz Skylanders Comic pg 19 :iconoogaboogaz:oogaboogaz 80 40 Air and Lightning by Cm25 Air and Lightning :iconcm25:Cm25 3 4 Kendo Wolf by SheltieWolf Kendo Wolf :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 1,578 516



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Yep, It's me again. I've been away to do some thinking, and my part-time job. But I'm back, and after watching sprite videos made by Whitebladezero and Chiefshadow1750, I've been working on a possible sprite series for my Youtube channel. I won't say much about it, but know this; it's called Forresttor, and it will be pretty much the classic Sonic sprite video kind of stuff...with a unique twist. For example, there will be an actual storyline that ties the entire series together, rather than a bunch of multi-part episodes that are full of random crap. Another point is that will be a lot of Celtic Mythology elements mixed in with the story, to give it a unique fantasy/adventure kind of feel to it. So, here's hoping I can get this series off the ground, and it won't end up abandoned like my other stuff.

I'd like a few pointers for this, if you wouldn't mind. I would greatly appreciate some tips on how to go about this, and any place I can learn more about Celtic Mythology. I've learned what I know from Wikipedia, documentaries, and a few fansites devoted to Mythology, but I would like to know if anyone has their own take on the subject.

Also, before anyone asks, NO I AM NOT ASKING ANYONE TO BE IN THIS SERIES!!! At this point, I need to get the series up and running before I even think about asking people to join in and things like that. Maybe later on, if Forrestor gets to a point where people actually like the series enough to actually want to be in it, then maybe, but first things first.

I'm planning on putting out some more stuff in the upcoming week, so look out for that, and if you want to leave me some tip and tricks on my sprite series, or have something you wanna say(so long as it's not bashing, that is) leave a comment on this page, and I will be sure to read it.

As always, this is TuruukLobanarii, aka Zach, and I'm out.


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United States
Chibi made in the Chibi Maker made by this lovely lady

I'm Zach, a regular guy who likes to draw and sprite. You want fantasy? I got fantasy! I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan and Sonic fan.

Question: Rupee or Force Gems?


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